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W.H. Clark is the author of the Ward detective series.

The books feature a homicide detective called Ward, a city-hardened Texan who has settled in small town Montana. Ward has his own dark past and his ghosts have followed him north.

What started out as a one-off novel soon developed into a full-blown trilogy – three separate thrilling stories linked by a mystery buried in Ward’s past which refuses to go away. In the third book of the trilogy, Ward will be forced to face up to his past and solve the toughest mystery he has faced – the murder of his best friend.

W.H. Clark is a resident of Sheffield in Yorkshire. He studied at universities in Sheffield and Huddersfield. An award-winning radio producer and writer of comedy, he has worked in the radio industry as a producer, designer, editor and writer. He has also worked as a web designer, has held posts in the civil service and, most recently, has worked for two or three major law firms.

He spent three and a half years of his life living and working in Spain where he developed his love of rum.

In his spare time he’s usually to be found walking in the countryside or in a wood. He’s a fan of trees and all living creatures. He has a particular fondness for bees and is one of the few people in the world who likes wasps.

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